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Atlanta, GA
Atlanta, GA
91 Scriven Street, Darien GA 31305 - Map


Beds: 3
Baths: 3
Size: 1,400 sq.ft.
Balcony: Yes
Parking: 2 Spaces
Pets: Yes
Rentable: Yes
Web address for this listing:

New condo located on the Darien River in Historic Downtown Darien. Beautiful marsh and sunset views within walking distance of antique stores, gift shops, wine & gourmet shops, and restaurants. The beauty and intrique of a small fishing village with the amenities of much more. Canoing, kayaking, hunting, fishing (including deep sea fishing), nearby golfing, birding, and nature excursions. Community dock facilities, boat ramp, pool and covered parking. Owner is a licensed real estate agent.


Asking price: $341,000
Maintenance: $150
Yearly taxes: $2,000

Monthly Payments (Aprox)

Financing: Total
80%: $1,870
85%: $1,977
90%: $2,084

* 30yr fixed at 6.4% w/ maint. & tax included. change terms